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Refrigerator Delivery & Installation

Refrigeration InstallationAre you The Hulk? I’m not. However, we have some seriously awesome servicemen who are experts at air conditioning and refrigeration installation. They will also deliver the products. That qualifies as a super hero, right? We also offer our customers delivery of their new appliances, when ordered from us, and the following the delivery we of course do the freezers, air conditioner, heater or refrigeration installation for you too. Your ease and happiness are some of our primary concerns. When our customers, old or new purchase a new refrigerator or other appliance, we will deliver the unit to their place of work or residence. We know that most people are too busy, or don’t have an easy means of transporting a cumbersome appliance of this size so we will do it for you. We have certified drivers and servicemen who will deliver and install your new air conditioner or refrigerator for you. American Refrigeration’s commercial refrigerator delivery and installation is an important part of our product services, as it creates a sense of ease for our customers.

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American Refrigeration is here to ease the burden your appliances can become. With our highly trained service repair personnel, we are well equipped to deal with any issue that may affect your home or place of work. We make house or business calls to check on our clients’ equipment. All it takes is a call to have your favorite repairmen come to make your life just a little bit nicer. Remember us the next time your refrigerator is not working. Give American Refrigeration a call and we will come fix your problems, and make a friend.

Quality Refrigeration Installation

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration InstallationAmerican Refrigeration is here to help all of our customers with their commercial refrigeration installation and purchase and part of that is helping them by delivering. It would be foolish of us as an organization to think that our clients would willingly come over and pick up their new appliances from our warehouses, take them to their place of business, and then install them without having the direct knowledge and experience of working in this industry for years. This is where we come in, as we will consult with our clients over their needs, and then once we have met the basic burden of the appliances that they need, we will first deliver the commercial appliances and then install them for our clients too. We understand the way the business works, which is why we are so good at it, and which is why we are one of California’s premier commercial air conditioning and refrigeration supply companies. Commercial refrigeration installations are unique, and at American Refrigeration they are even more so because of the care and dedication we put into our work. We ensure that there is a highly trained quality service person at your disposal every step of the way, when we come out to work with our clients, and we will do so with the patience and understanding that only the most knowledgeable in an industry can possess. American Refrigeration can answer all your installation and delivery questions, with a strong foundation in experience helping us give you the best answers, from delivery times to how long it will take to complete the installation process. Remember that there is only one company in California that you should really ever need for your commercial refrigeration and air conditioning needs, and that name is American Refrigeration, continuing to serve California with the best possible quality of service.

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