Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial Refrigeration Service

arc-009At American Refrigeration we understand and are the embodiment of the American dream. As the old adage goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Buying brand new appliances, or refurbished older products is often more expensive that repairing your current appliances to near new condition.

We don’t want to waste our customers’ time and money and understand that not having these appliances affects the quality of life that we have all become accustomed to enjoy. We have this great desire to see that all our customers’ repairs and refrigeration service are done in a quick and efficient manner.

We have highly trained and certified appliance repairmen who can come to your home or place of business to assess and address your appliance’s problems. Again, we are the embodiment of the American dream.

We’ll help you out with all the refrigeration service you need and more and
also give you as good if not better service than what you previously had.

We specialize in industrial strength and commercial grade refrigerators and refrigeration service. We are the ones who make sure your child’s school has a working refrigerator for their school’s lunch. We understand that comfort and care are important to our customers lifestyles and if can facilitate their ease of living we have to be doing correctly. Not only do we sell the best quality commercial products but we also provide a repair service for our products. As suppliers for the commercial world we know that under stress machines are more likely to break than not.

American Refrigeration minimizes that worry for your company. We will do frequent checks to verify your machines are still working well as part of our refrigeration service program.

Every business needs air conditioning. An uncomfortable work force is a work force that is unproductive, and we can make sure your employees are comfortable and happy with their environment.

Commercial refrigeration is a unique service, and one that we at American Refrigeration are proud to serve as a viable product. Our refrigeration service involves commercial and industrial sized refrigerators and freezers for our corporate and business clients. Refrigeration service for us at American Refrigeration means more than just selling our clients refrigerators and freezers, but to also give them the best possible installation they can obtain.

commercial-refrigerationWe will make sure that their new appliance is installed with a minimum of fuss and hassle so that you can start to use the appliance as possible. Our refrigeration service is one of the best in the California region’s and we will make sure that you can see how impressive we are with our knowledgeable sales, and delivery and installation processes. We will make sure that your refrigerator and freezer needs are taken care of as best possible.

We carry massive industrial sized refrigerators and freezers for our corporate and business owning clients. There is a wide variety of freezer units on the market and we carry a number of different types of freezers, including walk-in boxes, display cases, and deep freezers. Walk-in boxes are massive freezer units that are ideal for storing fresh cut meat for clients who need to keep a large stock of meat on hand. You will be able to, literally, walk into the freezer to store or select the cut that you need.

Display cases are refrigerators or freezers with glass doors that one can see the products in, and open and close with ease. Deep freezers are just big tubs of freezer units to store products in until you need them as well. American refrigeration really does have the answer to all our clients’ refrigeration needs.

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